Facilities and Operations

Community Use of School Facilities

Saratoga Springs City School District buildings and grounds are maintained primarily for the purpose of educating students within the district. However, the District recognizes that the buildings and grounds are a valuable community resource and believes they should be available to the community for specific uses that will not interfere with educational activities.

A fee schedule for use of district facilities is based on the cost of labor and operating expenses. Fees will increase annually based on the Consumer Price Index and contractual salary increases. Use of district facilities is permitted only when organizations provide the district with timely evidence of adequate insurance coverage.

The District uses Facilitron, the online facility request system, for all facility requests. With this system, reservation requests can are submitted easily and will be handled more efficiently. Renters are able to access photos and descriptions, see real-time availability, get estimated quotes and pay online.

You can view and request all district facilities at: www.facilitron.com/sscsd12866. Although the process of requesting/approval/management of facility use is now digital, what’s implemented on Facilitron, remains the same as dictated by Saratoga Springs City School District’s board policies on facility use. The district’s administrative staff makes final decisions on all facility use requests.

Facilitron assists with the set-up of organization and user accounts along with verification of non-profit status (if applicable). Facilitron also collects payment and proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) on Saratoga Springs City School District’s behalf. Payments can be submitted conveniently on Facilitron. Payment options include major credit cards, checks, ACH/eCheck, and Paypal. Proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) can also be conveniently uploaded into the system, and/or it can be obtained directly through Facilitron.

Moving forward, the only way to request use of a district facility is by creating a Facilitron account and submitting a request online.

For those who had reservations with Saratoga Springs City School District prior to Facilitron, accounts have already been created on your behalf, and an automated email has been sent to you to create a password to access your renter account. If you need any assistance setting up an account and/or in submitting a facility use request, you can contact Facilitron directly at: support@facilitron.com, or by calling them at: 800-272-2962 ext 1.

For more information, please contact:
Michael Goodwin, Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations
(518) 587-6365

Pesticide Notification

Under state law, the Saratoga Springs City School District must notify the public that pesticide products may be used in the school buildings or on the school grounds throughout the year. Parents, guardians and staff may request 48-hour-prior written notification of certain pesticide applications. To request to be on this list, contact John Thuener at (518) 693-1302 or by fax at (518) 693-1347.

Click here to view the list of pesticide applications.

Asbestos Management Plan

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 (40 CFR Part 763), the district conducts periodic asbestos surveillance and a required triennial inspection. Asbestos projects shall be conducted according to all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

The Asbestos Management Plan for each building is available for review during normal business hours at the maintenance office. For more information, please contact the District Office at (518) 583-4700.

Water Testing Results

In accordance with the law, the district will conduct water testing at all buildings with the assistance of a state-approved laboratory. In accordance with the law, if the lead level from a water outlet exceeds the state’s action level of 15 parts per billion, the district will take immediate action. The state’s regulations require that all such outlets be taken offline, or otherwise restricted until a remediation plan is implemented, and further testing indicates that lead levels are below the action level. Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, drinking fountains were disabled prior to the start of the school year and will be tested before being put back in use again. In addition, hands-free bottle filling stations with carbon filters have been added to all buildings in the district and were included in the test results.

Upon receiving analytical results above the permissible level of 15 ppb, the district took immediate action. Kitchen sinks will not be used for food preparation. Other sinks were posted for hand washing use only as per guidance from the Department of Health. All identified sources of water will be remediated. While we know that this information may cause some concern, we are taking the necessary steps to address the situation and confirm the safety of water throughout the district. There is nothing that we take more seriously than the well-being of our students and staff.

Caroline Street Testing Results
Division Street Water Testing Results
Dorothy Nolan Water Testing Results
Geyser Road Water Testing Results
Greenfield Water Testing Results
Lake Avenue Water Testing Results
Maple Avenue Middle School Testing Results