Tax Information

Saratoga Springs City School District Tax Office provides services to parcel owners within the City of Saratoga Springs and the Towns of Greenfield, Malta, Milton, Saratoga and Wilton. The office is open year round and is located in the Administration Building on the High School complex at 3 Blue Streak Blvd.

General Tax Bill & Due Date Information

One school tax bill is mailed yearly the first week in September with two installment stubs attached. Taxes may be paid in full or in two installments.
The bill is mailed to the homeowner unless an escrow company is on file.

  • 1st installment due 10/4 without penalty. USPM determines payment date. Covers the period of July 1 – December 31.
  • 2nd installment due 2/4 without penalty. USPM determines payment date. Covers the period of January 1 – June 30.
  • Last day of collection at the school district is March 4th.

*If the due date falls on a weekend the next business day will be the due date.

To print a receipt or parcel inquiries: 

Three years of receipts and parcel information are available online. You may access tax receipts and parcel inquiries at:

  • Select Saratoga Springs CSD
  • Enter one form of information for your search and leave all other fields blank (last name or street address)
  • Hit search. To select the parcel click on the hyperlinked name
  • Assessment/Exemptions & STAR savings are all listed on first page
  • Tax Amount is the full tax for the year
  • Tax certification icon located on the bottom is the receipt
  • Payment Schedule icon allows you to calculate payments with late fees

Online Tax Payments

SSCSD now accepts electronic checks and credit card payments for your school tax bills using our online payment service, MuniciPay. Go to then scroll down to Saratoga Springs CSD and locate your tax bill by entering in only your last name (leave ALL other fields blank for better search results).

Credit card and electronic check payments are available online only and are not available by phone or at the counter.

Please note: As the taxpayer, you are responsible for any fees associated with using the online payment service. Fees are collected by Municipay. Credit Card Payments (Discover, VISA, MasterCard and American Express): 2.65% Fee, $3.00 minimum per transaction, Electronic Check Payments: $1.50 Fee per transaction

You will need your 9-digit routing number as well as your account number from your personal checks. A per transaction convenience fee of $1.50 will be charged by the payment processing company, Municipay, for this service.

In-Person and Mail-In Tax Payments

  • Contactless Dropbox at the MacFadden Administration Building (on high school campus): 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Tax Office Window Hours: 9:00 a.m.—3:30 p.m. Located in the Administration Building on the High School complex at 3 Blue Streak Blvd., Saratoga Springs NY.
  • Adirondack Trust: Any branch (518-584-5844). Adirondack Trust can only accept checks for the exact payment amount with the original colored installment stub by the due date on the bill.  No payments with late fees will be collected at the bank.
  • Mail a payment: SSCSD—Tax Collector, PO Box 378, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  ** According to Real Property Tax Law §925 U.S. Postmark determines the date of payment. Real Property Tax Law (RPTL) §925 states; “When mailing your payment, payment is determined by US Post Mark”.
    •  If the postmark does not appear on such wrapper or the postmark is illegible such payment shall be deemed to have been made on the date of delivery to such collection officer.
    • A postage meter mark is NOT a postmark made by the US Post Office and, therefore, is not within the provisions of RPTL §925. Payments cannot be deemed timely because of a postage meter postmark date on an envelope.
    • If mailing your payment within two weeks of the date due, it is recommended that you bring your envelope to the counter at the Post Office and request a hand cancel (USPM) on your envelope. Payments received after the date due without a USPM or a late USPM will be returned.


Change in Escrow

If you pay a third party “escrow company” to handle your taxes and a change is made (addition, removal or change of escrow company) please contact the office to notify us by e-mail or phone.

The original bill is mailed in September with two installment stubs. Installments are payable October 4th and February 4th. If a change is made after the initial bill was mailed, a copy can be obtained but the original bill is no longer available.

Phone: (518) 693-1455

Change in Mailing Address

Changes in mailing address must be submitted in writing by the owner. This can be completed by mail, e-mail or in person. Please include your parcel address, SBL# and the new mailing address desired.

Mail a letter or stop by the office located in the Administration Building on the High School campus at 3 Blue Streak Blvd., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.
(or) Send an e-mail to:

Please note you also need to update your address with the assessor of the town or city in which the parcel is located. Detailed contact information for each City/Town is listed below.

City/Town Contact Information

Saratoga Springs (518) 587-3550 

  • Assessor (518) 587-3550

Greenfield Tax (518) 893-7432 

  • Assessor (518) 893-7432

Malta Tax (518) 899-5884 

  • Assessor (518) 899-2584

Milton Tax (518) 885-9220 

  • Assessor (518) 885-9220

Saratoga Tax (518) 695-3644 

  • Assessor (518) 695-4034

Wilton Tax (518) 306-4764

  • Assessor (518) 306-4764

Delinquent Taxes

Delinquent taxes are taxes that were not paid to the District by March 4th. All payments after the final due date are re-levied and payable to the City of Saratoga Springs or the Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office. For delinquent tax amounts and where to pay delinquent taxes, please use the contact information below based on the parcel location.

If your parcel is located in the City of Saratoga Springs, please contact the City of Saratoga Springs to obtain the current tax amount due with penalty. Make checks payable to:

Receiver of Taxes
City of Saratoga Springs
474 Broadway Saratoga
Springs, NY 12866
(518) 587-3550

If your parcel is located in the town of Greenfield, Malta, Milton, Saratoga or Wilton, please contact the Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office to obtain the current tax amount due with penalty. Make checks payable to:

Saratoga County Treasurer’s Office
40 McMaster Street
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
(518) 884-4724

NYS Tax and Finance (STAR)

NYS Tax and Finance (STAR) 518-457-2036

Learn about the School Tax Relief (STAR) program here.

2023-24 School and Library Tax Rates

City of Saratoga Springs (411501 | 411589) UPV%: 52
School Tax Rate: 17.913779
Library Tax Rate: 0.983348

Greenfield (41340) UPV%: 70
School Tax Rate: 13.317869
Library Tax Rate: 0.731063

Malta (414089) UPV%: 100
School Tax Rate: 9.310128
Library Tax Rate: 0.511065

Milton (414289) UPV%: 69.9
School Tax Rate: 13.397513
Library Tax Rate: 0.735435

Town of Saratoga (415089) UPV%: 68.5
School Tax Rate: 13.610070
Library Tax Rate: 0.747103

Wilton (415600) UPV%: 72
School Tax Rate: 12.885506
Library Tax Rate: 0.707329