Hall Of Distinction Nominations Accepted Through January 31

The Saratoga Springs City School District is seeking community input on candidates for the ninth annual Hall of Distinction Honorees. The Saratoga Springs City School District Hall of Distinction provides a wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the graduates of our school district.

The program was designed to instill in our students the concepts of achievement and excellence with the Hall of Distinction Inductees serving as exceptional role models. Their personal accomplishments, either to their individual fields of endeavor or to the broader community, exemplify what our students may attain through initiative and commitment. 

Potential candidates must have graduated from Saratoga Springs High School at least ten years ago and must exemplify our District’s educational philosophy through an outstanding social contribution to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others; and/or outstanding professional contribution to, or achievement in, their field of endeavor.

A committee composed of community members, former and current high school administrators, and former and current high school teachers will review the nominations and select the honorees. Individuals will be recognized in the spring at Saratoga Springs High School. The exact date and time have not been determined yet.

Nominations are accepted through the online Hall of Distinction Form. All recommendation/application forms must be submitted by January 31, 2024. Read more information about the Hall of Distinction.