English as a New Language

English as a New Language (ENL) is a specialized instructional program for students whose first language is not English. In an ENL program, trained and certified teachers use methods, techniques and materials designed to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

ENL Teacher Contact Information

Caroline Street Elementary School

Megan Moroukian

Division Street Elementary School

Kelly DiBella
Kayla Ferraro
Megan Moroukian

Geyser Road Elementary School

Kristen Burke

Maple Avenue Middle School

Karin Canjura
Natalia Carusone

Saratoga Springs High School

Johanna Garrison
Stephanie Weaver

Identification Process and Eligibility

When a new student registers for school at Saratoga Springs City School District (SSCSD) and the parent/guardian indicates that there is a language other than English spoken in the home on the Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ), the registrar refers the student to an ELL teacher for oral and written screening.

The ELL teacher contacts the family and schedules a meeting for the student to be assessed for ENL services. The New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL) is the assessment used by all districts in New York State to determine a student’s level of English proficiency and determine eligibility for ENL services. There are five levels of English proficiency: Entering (Beginning), Emerging (Low Intermediate), Transitioning (High Intermediate), Expanding (Advanced) and Commanding (Proficient).

Students testing at Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, and Expanding Levels will receive ENL supports and services, including local and New York State testing accommodations.

All ELLs in New York State are assessed annually to determine continued eligibility for ENL. Each year in May, ELLs take the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT). The NYSESLAT score determines the student’s level of English proficiency and level of service for the following school year. When a student achieves the level of “Commanding,” he/she will receive ESL monitoring and supports (including testing accommodations) for two more years before exiting the ESL program.

Curriculum and Program Requirements 

Our ENL curriculum is guided by the New York State English as a Second Language Learning Standards as well as the Common Core English Language Arts Standards. The program follows the New York State regulations and consists of two types of instructional ENL time: Stand-Alone and Integrated.

  • Stand-Alone ENL is an ENL class for Entering, Emerging, and Transitioning ELLs. The students receive instruction in order to acquire English language needed for success in the core content classes. Stand-Alone ENL is typically held in the ENL classroom with the ENL teacher and ELL students. Students are not taken out of core classes to receive Stand-Alone ENL.
  • Integrated ENL is for ELLs of all levels of English proficiency (Entering, Emerging, Transitioning, Expanding and Commanding). Integrated ENL is provided in the ELL students’ grade-level classrooms. The ENL teacher and classroom teacher co-teach during ELA or a content area class. The ENL teacher will work closely with the classroom teachers to provide language supports during classroom instruction.