SSCSD Plans in the Event of Third or Fourth School Emergency Closure Day

As a district, we want to communicate plans in the event of a third or fourth emergency closure day.  During the 2022-2023 school year, the district has used two emergency closure days on December 16 and January 23.

The NYS Board of Regents requires all school districts in the state to have 180 instructional days and a total of 990 hours at the secondary level and 900 hours at the elementary level. This year’s school calendar was built with four traditional snow days at the elementary level and two traditional snow days at the secondary level. If a third emergency day is necessary, our secondary students will participate in a remote learning day which qualifies toward the state instructional requirements.  

Plans for a Third or Fourth Emergency Day  

  • Elementary students (grades k-5) will have a traditional snow day. 
  • Secondary students (grades 6-12) will have a remote learning day. Secondary students will sign into zoom at the beginning of each block for attendance and teachers will provide further instructions. 

It is important that secondary students bring their devices home each day, so they are prepared in the event a third snow day is needed. 

This information has been shared with all of our secondary students and they are encouraged to reach out to their classroom teachers or building administrators if they have any questions.