Maple Avenue Sibling Request Procedures for 2024-2025 School Year

Maple Avenue Sibling Request Procedures 2024-2025 

The following information is in regard to the sibling request procedure at Maple Avenue.  We are providing you with the following information to facilitate the transition process between elementary and middle school.  To assist with this process, we would like all requests submitted in writing before June 14th.  Please know that there are occasions where requests cannot be honored for scheduling purposes.  We will contact those parents if the written request cannot be fulfilled.  Requests received after June 14th may not be honored. 

Siblings are not automatically placed in the house with their Maple Avenue siblings.  This is only done if the parent puts that request in writing.  

Note: Sibling requests are accepted if the sibling is going to be in the same house during the same academic year (i.e., if a student is going into 9th grade and a student is coming in from elementary, we cannot accept that request.) 

Requests for twins, triplets, and quadruplets to keep them in the same house also needs to be in writing, but we will do our best to honor. 

Please be aware that requests for specific houses will not be honored. 

Please email or put in written form the student’s names, elementary school and if needed the name of the older sibling. 

Requests can be sent to: 

Scott Singer, Maple Avenue Middle School Principal 

Please also CC your request to: 

Joshua Muldner, School Counselor – Department Head