CIAC Athletic Program Review Report

The district engaged the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) to conduct an athletic program review from February to May 2024. This comprehensive five-month review was based on CIAC standards and included a self-study of our athletic program, surveys and focus groups with coaches, student-athletes, and parents/guardians, as well as a tour of our school facilities. 

The program review highlighted the strong community and student-athlete pride in our athletic program. Of the 380 student-athletes in grades 7-12 who participated in the survey, 91% reported a positive experience with our athletics program. Additionally, 99% of coaches and 84% of the 193 parents/guardians surveyed also expressed positive sentiments about their involvement in athletics. The review also noted that coaches, student-athletes, and parents/guardians desire increased involvement and input in decision-making related to athletics. 

Overview of Recommendations: 

  • The Director of Athletics job responsibilities exceed the reality of one person 
  • Create systems and structures to include stakeholder input in decision-making (coaches, student-athletes, parents) 
  • Formalize rules, procedures, and expectations through student-athlete and coaching handbooks 
  • Review capital improvement plans to ensure program equity 
  • Conduct a transportation study to evaluate bus concerns 
  • Examine booster club/district funding policies to ensure equity among programs 

            The district will utilize these recommendations to develop a strategic plan aimed at strengthening our athletic program and addressing its needs. 

            View the full Athletic Program Review Report.