Athletic Placement Process

Consistent with New York State Education Department regulations,  the Athletic Placement Process is a process for screening students to determine their readiness to compete in high school level interscholastic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, fitness, and skill. 

The intent of the Athletic Placement Process is to provide for students in grades 7 through 12 a mechanism allowing them to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade. This includes certain middle school students who qualify to participate at a higher level.

Advanced Placement Process Deadlines for the 2024-25 school year:

  • All Fall requests due by June 15
  • All Winter requests due by Oct 15
  • All Spring requests due by February 15

The Athletic Placement Process (APP) provides opportunities for athletes to participate at the Freshman, JV or Varsity level based on their level of readiness. The program is intended for extremely talented and gifted athletes. The selection of such athletes affects not only the individual athlete but also other athletes. High School athletes may be cut from a team or have their playing time reduced to make room for Middle School athletes. Therefore, the impact of the Athletic Placement Process each year has long-term consequences. It is important that Athletic Placement Process candidates and their parents understand their responsibility and commitment when considering this privilege. We will only keep a student on a Freshman, JV or Varsity team if it appears that the athlete will get a substantial amount of playing time. If this athlete is displacing one or more high school students who are being cut, this athlete must be clearly have superior potential to any athlete they are displacing.

APP Process Steps

Students must pass each stage of the APP before proceeding to the next stage, and pass all stages in order to meet the requirements of the APP. If at any stage in the process it is determined not appropriate a notification letter will be emailed home.

All students must be recommended by a Saratoga Springs Coaching Staff Member to start this process.

STEP 1 Parent Permission

In order for your child to be eligible to participate in the sport selected outside of his or her normal grade level, we must have your permission to begin the APP.  Parent/Guardian permission is granted by acknowledging the agreements set forward in ArbiterSports.

STEP 2 Administrative Approval

The athletic office will confirm with the middle school administration that the student is suitable for consideration.  Because of the increased time demands of participation at the high school level, the student’s academic performance will be reviewed to determine the students social and emotional readiness.  This will include a grade report, attendance report, discipline report and/or any recommendation or feedback from middle school administration and counselors. 

STEP 3 Medical Approval

The Physical Maturity and Health Form must be completed by your private physician and uploaded into ArbiterSports with your up-to-date physical. We need you to have your private physician complete the Physical Maturity and Health Form,

Once you have completed this application and uploaded the Physical Maturity and Health Form completed by your private physical with your up-to-date physical.  We will then forward this information to our school medical director for approval.  The school medical director will use the Physical Maturity and Health Form and the current physical to determine has attained an appropriate level of physical maturity, comparable to those of proposed team members.  This will be determined by the school medical director.  If the student is not approved by the medical director to process the process stops. If this is the case for your son or daughter, you will be emailed a form letter stating this notification.

STEP 4 Physical Fitness Testing 

Completion of a physical fitness test. The student’s physical fitness must meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the APP.  

  • Fall Fitness Tests will be: June 17 and 18 at Maple Ave 
  • Winter Fitness Tests will be: October 28 and 29 at Maple Ave 
  • Spring Fitness Tests will be: March 4 and 5 at Maple Ave 

The physical fitness test will take place from 2:20-3:15 Maple Avenue Gymnasium. Transportation must be provided by the parent/guardian.

STEP 5 ArbiterSports Registration

Upon successful completion of all components of these tests, the student-athlete shall be eligible to try out for the high school interscholastic team for which the student-athlete has been approved, at the level for which he/she has been approved. Before tryouts, a student-athlete must complete the AribterSports registration for that sport.

A student-athlete who tries out for a high school team and is not selected may play on the modified team in that sport.

It is important for you and your child to understand that, once the requirements are met and if he/she is accepted as a member of the team, he/she cannot return to a lower-level team (modified) in that sport in that season. Remember, at the higher level of play your child will be exposed to the social atmosphere that is common among older students in a high school environment. Therefore, it is important to take into account your child’s ability to handle the additional demands.

Students must be recommended by the team’s coach in order to proceed through the Athletic Placement Process. 

Athletic Placement Process Arbiter Sports Application