The Legacy Capital Project

In 2020, residents in the Saratoga Springs City School District approved The Legacy Project, a $129.7 million capital project referendum for improvements and renovations to all eight school buildings and the transportation facility.

The Legacy Project aligns with the Pathways Vision and prioritizes safety and security, educational program enhancements, and building improvements. In addition, the project will create energy and operational efficiencies throughout the District as well as protect the community’s long-term investment in our school facilities. The scope of the capital project was developed through a multi-year legacy planning process, which included input from various stakeholder groups, community summits, educational specification planning sessions, and the Legacy Referendum Advisory Committee.


No Additional Taxes Will Be Levied For The Legacy Project Due to Financial Planning and Maximizing State Aid

The District estimates that no additional new taxes will be levied to support the project. A significant portion of this project is being funded by Capital Reserves ($7.5 million) and estimated state aid ($81.3 million). The remaining portion of the project ($40.8 million) will be funded by issuing debt to replace existing debt that is due to expire. A percentage of this local share will also be offset by state building aid.

Why does SSCSD need a capital project to complete the work?

A capital project provides the opportunity to use capital reserve funds and maximize state building aid. Approximately 63% of the cost of the project will be supported by state building aid.

What is the expected timeline for The Legacy Project?

Work on The Legacy Project will take place in multiple phases and is expected to be completed in 2028.

Scope of the Project

Safety and Security

  • Secure Vestibules
  • Improved traffic circulation
  • Upgrades to Public Address System
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • Improvements to Security Camera Systems
  • Building Improvements & Energy Efficiencies

Roof Reconstruction

  • Replace Interior/Exterior
  • Windows and Doors
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Upgrade Temperature Controls
  • Upgrade Electrical Distribution
  • Kitchen Equipment Replacement
  • New IT/Network Closets
  • Core Switch Replacement
  • Site Drainage Improvements
  • Masonry Reconstruction
  • Educational Program Enhancements

Renovation of Select Classrooms

  • Upgrades to Stage and Performance System
  • Furniture Upgrades
  • Extended Learning Spaces
  • Classroom Technology Upgrades
  • Cafeteria Renovations/Expansions
  • Fitness / Wellness Center at the High School

Legacy Project Referendum Committee

The Legacy Referendum Advisory Committee, which included 60 parents and guardians, community members, staff, and students, met multiple times throughout 2018 and 2019 to prioritize the scope of a future capital project. The prioritization categories that were established by the committee focus on educational program needs, safety and security, and overall facility improvements.