Academic Program Guide

To assist students in career and educational planning, as well as in personal development, Saratoga Springs High School has a counseling department with a professional staff of school counselors. Counselors can help students understand themselves, their school, and their career goals by meeting with students individually, as well as in groups. Counselors are responsible for a student’s overall educational program. They communicate with parents/guardians, teachers, and other school staff to better assist in this process. Parents/guardians are encouraged to consult with their child’s counselor for help with a student’s adjustment to school, personal growth and development, program selection, career planning, and information about colleges and scholarships. Counselors meet with each student at least once a year to review progress and plan courses for the following year.

Though comprehensive in nature, this course description guide is not intended to answer all the questions or concerns you may have relative to the broad educational opportunities your child will enjoy here. Only direct communication between home and school will accomplish that goal. We encourage this ongoing communication, for it is vitally important that your child not only attends school but also that he/she also experiences success.

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