Budget Development

Each year, the Saratoga Springs Board of Education works with district and school leaders to develop a budget proposal that focuses on the sustainability of current programs, meeting the social and emotional needs of all students, and providing equity in programs offered by the district.

Budget Development Meetings 

January 25, 2024:  Board of Education Meeting

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  • Budget Outlook
  • Adoption of Budget Goals
  • Annual Staffing Report
  • Adoption of Fund Balance & Reserves Plan

February 29, 2024: Board of Education Meeting

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  • Budget Forecast / Budget Priorities Presentation

March 7, 2024: Board of Education Budget Workshop 

  • Budget discussion

March 14, 2024: Board of Education Meeting

March 21, 2024: Board of Education Budget Workshop

  • Budget discussion

March 28, 2024: Board of Education Meeting

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  • Finalize Decisions on Budget Priorities
  • Budget Review Discussion
  • Finalize Additional Propositions

April 25, 2024: Board of Education Meeting

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  • Adoption of Budget & Property Tax Report Card

May 9, 2024: Public Budget Hearing prior to Board of Education Meeting

May 21, 2024: Budget Vote

May 22, 2023: Board of Education Meeting

  • Accept Results of Budget Vote & Board Election

Overview of the Budget Development Process

Fall: The District reviews long-range goals and enrollment projections. Administrators discuss budget priorities and the Board of Education adopts the budget development calendar.

January: The Governor proposes an Executive Budget. The District reviews preliminary state aid projections and plans for health care/retirement costs and other major cost drivers.

February: The District presents preliminary budget and identifies the initial gap between what is needed to continue all programs into the next year and projected revenues.

March: By March 1, the District must submit its calculated maximum allowable tax levy under the state’s property tax cap. The Board of Education reviews administrative recommendations for budget expenses in various areas such as instruction, transportation, special education, facility, athletics, etc

April: The Board of Education discussions continue on priority issues; legislative actions affecting revenue and expenditures; impact on instructional programs, staffing, and support operations. By April 1, the New York State Legislature must adopt a state budget and the District updates its state aid projection. The Board of Education examines fund balance options to supplement revenues if needed. Finally, the Board of Education adopts school budget proposal.

May: The District holds an annual budget hearing and budget information is mailed to all voters.