Attendance Flex Zones

The District has six elementary schools and there are attendance zones for each elementary school, as well as five flex attendance zones. Flex attendance zones are areas in which newly registering students could attend one of two or more schools in order to balance class sizes across all six elementary schools. Flex attendance zones allow the district to better utilize existing resources, like staff, space, and transportation, and reduce the need for administrative transfers.

Search your address to see which school(s) are zoned for. Please note that elementary schools are assigned by the district and all attendance zones should be confirmed with the School Registrar.

When do new students receive their school assignments?

The Central Registrar’s Office will mail school assignments to families of kindergarten and new students at the end of July. Due to the changing nature of enrollment throughout the spring and summer, this timing is needed to help balance class sizes across the district.

Will students attend the same school as older siblings?

Yes, when a student with an older sibling enters kindergarten, that student will attend the same school if their sibling is still currently enrolled at that school.

Where do students who live in flex zones go for kindergarten screening?

Students who live in flex zones will be given a kindergarten screening location by the Registrar at their registration appointment.

Once students who live in a flex zone are assigned to a school, will they remain in that school?

Yes. The district wants continuity and stability for families. Once students who live in a flex zone are assigned to an elementary school for kindergarten it is expected that they will remain in the school for their elementary years. We want all families to feel a part of their school community.